Hello Kind Soup Lovers!

Panorama view from Ariane’s office

It’s already the first day of May and we’ve been hunkered down preparing to start a Soup Revolution! It’s been a while since we’ve souped together and we sure do miss spooning with you! You’ve been ever so patient and kind while we’ve been undergoing the big changes inside these brick walls behind the closed curtains. 

With Dustin’s re-designed kitchen, we’re nearly ready to have our stockpots bubbling up again right now with Evergreen’s Comfort Food; yet we all have a little longer to wait. The soup display refrigerators are trying to make their way from Texas. And we just can’t sell soup any more without somewhere COLD to put it. That pretty much sums up the delay.

By Thursday we should have a solid ETA from the South and shortly thereafter, we’ll have an ETA from the Chef on the Soup. FYI, you’ll be able to smell the familiar bouquet of simmering onions and garlic wafting across the parking lot breeze for several days in preparation; and hear me now Soup Lovers, I’ve never wanted something from Texas to arrive in Colorado so fast. =)

The soupremely cool remodel construction has been a complete success! With Dustin at the lead of his crew per usual, Rico, Hallie, Steven and several trusted friends with key skills beyond ours, have achieved an incredible new look for the inside of Da Kind Soups.

Catch small glimpses of your new soup store while you enjoy a few sneak peeks at the mess we made along the way!  We can’t wait to show you what we’ve done with the place, it’s just souper!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures to come! See you Ladle!

What a Mess!