April 2017 – Soup Transitions

Happy APRIL Soup Lovers!

A soupremely huge thank you to all of our Kind and Loyal Soup Lovers!
It has been our sincere pleasure to serve this community for the past nine years.
And it is our intention to continue that service, it will simply be in a different way.

behind the bulkhead from 2008!

April 2017 is the month of transition as we change from a soup restaurant into a soup kitchen.  In doing so, we’ll be “dry” during the month of April as we remodel our current location from a restaurant into a soup store which sells our Soup Bags.
In this transition we are also building our wholesale clientele as well as our online shopping cart full of all the soup delicious flavors you’ve come to love.
What this means for all of our Soup Lovers is that beginning in early May you’ll be able to:
1) Come into the Da Kind Soups Store and purchase Soup Bags to go.
2) Order Soup Bags online to ship across the U.S.
3) Enjoy Da Kind Soups at your other favorite restaurants.

We’ve already started the renovations! So stay tuned for more Hot Soup News !!

Thank you again and see you in May !

Dustin & Ariane and Rico and Hallie too!


3 thoughts on “April 2017 – Soup Transitions

  1. Hello friends! Thank you so much for this email, I thought about you guys all weekend. And this morning I was thinking how it’s been years that I have looked forward and have read your daily email.

    And just as I was really missing the connection – here you are.

    Sending you lots of strength, courage & love. Will be re- pledging my $$ support this week.

    Love & Light, Jani McCarty

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