Today’s Soups! Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Happy WEDNESDAY Soup Lovers!

Three (3) days left to enjoy the Da Kind Soups dine-in experience!

What that means is that after May, our soup BAGS will be available:
1) to the public online for shipping
2) other restaurants/local grocers in a wholesale capacity
and… it is our every intention to remodel our existing space into a
3) Soup Store in our current location, with an expanded selection (both in variety and bag sizes) of our Soup Bags available to the local public to continue enjoying, albeit now, in a take-home capacity.
Many of our loyal and devoted Soup Lovers are excited and positively supportive of the changes ahead for our business and our family. Naturally, there is also dismay at the upcoming loss of our cozy dining space and there are bowlfuls of questions surrounding the changes we’re about to make. We not only fully empathize but also consider it to be the highest of compliments that we will be so missed.
We wouldn’t be changing if everything was smooth as bisque; The restaurant industry is brutal in every sense and the forecast isn’t trending upward. Margins are slim, seasons are unpredictable and with overwhelming labor challenges, it was finally time to rein our hard-earned business back into our own protective hands and re-invent our business model in an effort to save our best product, the soup.
The storefront portion of our plan is contingent on the funding which we are currently relying to come from the above mentioned Kickstarter crowd funding platform. It’s an ALL OR NOTHING deal, and we’re obviously quite far. However, we’re also optimistic yet still, that we can achieve our goal  with help from our Soup Loving community and now with our shipping capabilities, the Soup Lovers far away too.

Please consider pledging your support and demonstrating your love of soup today on our Kickstarter page on our website.  We’re soupremely grateful to have served this community well for nine years and we look forward to many more.


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