Today’s Soups! MONDAY, March 27th, 2017

Happy MONDAY Soup Lovers!

Five days remaining to enjoy the Da Kind Soups Dine-In Experience.

The early morning simmering of onions and garlic, followed by the hustle and bustle of daily prep, before the soup shop ramps up for the busy excitement of hurried and leisurely lunchers and then time to refuel, restock and ready again for hungry suppers, cleaning and wrapping it all up to start again for another day.  This kitchen’s schedule is about the change it’s daily operation and the end is drawing near.
In just five days this kitchen will grill it’s last reuben, make it’s last tray of bacon, dress it’s last salad and ladle the last hot bowl of soup.  If you’ve ben putting off your farewell meal because you’re busy, or in denial, either way folks, it’s time.  The final week is here and It’s time to come and say good-bye.
And it’s time to stock up on soup as well.  A reminder that during the month of April, the town is going dry.  No soup will be served, hot, cold or otherwise.  The kitchen is going dark during the remodel so if you’d like to taste Tomato a week, or three weeks from now, get some before Friday and put it in your freezer. I promise you, you’ll be souper happy when you look in there after a couple weeks, forgetting you have a bag of chili behind the ice cream.  During the last week of April you might even fetch a good price for it when the soup addict market is at it’s peak.  =)

Please check out our Kickstarter campaignign on our website.  We have a long way to go to get the numbers needed to complete the remodel and we need your help.
Questions about Kickstarter? What we’re doing next and why? Please Ask Us. We are here to help! Call us at 303-674 SOUP, stop in for some face time or click around our website and blog to learn more:


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