Today’s Soups! Friday, March 24th, 2017

Happy FRIDAY Soup Lovers!

We were LIVE Streaming from the Da Kind Soups kitchen this morning!
Click HERE

Today’s live stream was an awesome interactive soup show! It’s like the View, or good morning Evergreen! We call it “the Slurp.” Ask Chef Dustin all the soup questions you’ve been dying to know! It’s all gravy! Well, he does make awesome gravy, but it’s actually mostly soup. See you ladle, until the next episode!

-Dustin and I both, as well as our dedicated staff, extend a soupremely huge Thank You to all 37 of our Kickstart Backers who have pledged over $6500 to our campaign!  Please consider keeping the Kindness going, and make your pledge today.

The snow is finally on it’s way and it’s a great time to stock up on soup!
Hold yer Bowl! There is about to be a major soup shortage in this town!  Because during the month of April we won’t be making any soup in the kitchen.  Therefore, it’s really time to make a SOUP STOCK UP at Da Kind as soon as possible.  I’ll be souper helpful in reminding you that in just one week the Da Kind soup production goes dark for the entire month of April.  Get your bowls, get your cups, get your bags, but either way, get your soup stock up before March 31st!

We’re approaching the Final COUNTDOWN
Remaining to enjoy the Da Kind Sandwich and Salad Experience!


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