Today’s Soups! Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Happy TUESDAY Soup Lovers!

10 DAYS!
Remaining to enjoy the Da Kind Sandwich and Salad Experience!

While we approach the final days of slinging our signature sandwiches onto the grill and building beautiful salads piled high with natures goodies, we kindly remind you that there is a limited time to enjoy the Da Kind Soups Dine-In experience.
If you’re waking up at night with nightmares about the removal of your beloved Pastrami Rueben or the Tuna Melt, we’ve got the answer.
Choose the Kickstart Reward Level to become one of the Stew Crew!
For a $500 pledge to our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll receive the undivided attention of our Master Chef for your own private cooking class over the bubbling stockpots of the soup kitchen.  More interested in learning how to make that creamy coleslaw that is lathered over our lean, thinly sliced, perfectly salty pastrami?  We can do that.  Or perhaps you’d like to know exactly why our tuna melt soupercedes all other tuna melts you’ve ever had? By the time you leave, you’ll be fully certified in making the perfect tuna melt, so much that others may start appearing at your door!  Soup, salad or sandwich, we’ll deliver the skills you need to become a self sufficient sandwich maker and send you home with a custom soup named after you too!

Join us this Friday LIVE! in the Da Kind Soups kitchen for a broadcast of the daily soup menu! LIVE at 9:15 a.m., we will introduce another fabulous creation from Dustin’s never-ending soup repertoire, pick a daily drawing winner, highlight some of our souper Kickstarter rewards and answer online questions from the audience! 
Anyone can watch the live broadcast, and to participate in the online conversation, you’ll need to register with Kickstarter, but are not required to make a pledge.  However, any on-air pledges made will receive a Da Kind Soups t-shirt!

Come for the soup, stick around for the fun, then come back for more of everything!

Check out our KICKSTARTER VIDEO and choose your REWARD level TODAY!

We’re approaching the final days in which this Kickstarter thing happen.  And we’re really souper far from our goal. We need your help with the equipment and remodel needs of the transition.  Please consider keeping the Kindness going, and make your pledge today. Click the link below, please make a pledge for more soup and please share the info with all your Soup Loving friends!
Da Kind Kickstarter Fundraiser


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