Today’s Soups! Monday, March 20th, 2017

Happy MONDAY Soup Lovers!

Let’s Celebrate!

As we draw to the final days of the Da Kind Soups Dine-In Experience, we have a myriad of emotions stirring around in our stock pots.  We have become a special place for special people and there are many memories of special times within these comforting walls.  While we have some sadness coupled with anxiety and excitement about the next phase for us, we are proud to have become an established place of nourishment for both the body and the soul.  Oh sure, it’s “just a restaurant” and everyone will move on and adjust after time, but there are more than a handful of us who know that we’re not your average soup shop. Those who have experienced special times that have occurred as a result of the kindness that flows out of this building at an equal pace to the soup, know the Da Kind difference.
If you’ve been involved in an special moment/memory/experience at Da Kind Soups, we’d love to hear about it!  We have a lot of memories and we relish in hearing about yours even more. Please write us a note, send off a quick email to, post it somewhere online, or just stop by and chat with us sometime (soon!),  because knowing what we mean to you, means a lot to us.

We’re closing in on the final days in which we can make this Kickstarter thing happen.  And we’re really souper far from our goal. We need your help with the equipment and remodel needs of the transition.
Click the link below, please make a pledge for more soup and please share the info with all your Soup Loving friends!
Da Kind Kickstarter Fundraiser


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