Today’s Soups! Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Happy SUNDAY Soup Lovers!

13 days remaining
to enjoy the Da Kind Dine in Experience!
And 13 more days of our Kickstarter to support the next chapter of Da Kind Soups!

After 9 awesome years as a local favorite restaurant, Da Kind Soups is changing, and it needs our help. Whether it’s 500, 50, or even 5 dollars, anything you can give makes a difference. I’ve only been here a little over a year, but I’ve seen hundreds of families whose lives have been touched by this place in some positive way or another. I’m glad Da Kind will still be here, and that the focus will be better soup than ever! Yes, you won’t be able to dine in, but you will be able to enjoy this great food at home, with the whole family!

Click the link below, and please share it with your friends!
Da Kind Kickstarter Fundraiser

What we think, we become. Buddha
My goal today is to think more positive thoughts! I have to remind myself every single day, and some days are better than others for sure. Just remember to be kind to yourself! Let’s become something more and more beautiful! We’ve got this! 


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