Today’s Soups! Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Happy WEDNESDAY Soup Lovers!

left to enjoy Da Kind Sandwiches and Salads!
the Countdown in on!

 Kickstart Your Lunchtime!!
A Souper Big Thank you to our awesome Soup Lovers near and far that have already pledged to our Campaign!  
Come join every day this week for soupremely special lunches at Da Kind!

Kickstarter is an online crowd-funding platform, designed to help Creators, like us, achieve their goals in a non-traditional format with the help of Backers, like you!
Come in from 11a – 2p for Daily Drawings!  Lunchtime giveaways!
We designed our Kickstarter Campaign to help assist with the financial needs surrounding our transformation.  In return for a pledge from our Backers, we’ve designed some souper rewards levels that are unique and meaningful.  We’d love to ship soup to you and your loved ones, donate soup in your name, and even cook together here in the Da Kind Kitchen or over at your place!  Let’s make beautiful food together!
Please take a minute to watch our video (stick around for the bloopers at the end!), read our story and consider how you could join the moment for World Soup Domination!
Free Da Kind Soups t-shirt for every Kickstarter pledge made in-store!
Thank you kindly and have a SOUPer day!

Souper special side note: All answers to in-store trivia giveaways are on the website!


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