Today’s Soups! Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Happy WEDNESDAY Soup Lovers!

Happy 9th Birthday to Us!

To celebrate our birthday we’re having a Kickstarter Launch Lunch!
Today from 11a-2p!
Free DKS Tee for any in-store Kickstarter Reward Pledge!
Hourly drawings and prizes!
Try the new Kickstarter Soup from Dustin!

On this day at 11am, nine years ago, we quietly opened our doors to proudly serve our very first customer a hot bowl of soup. He was a random dude driving by who stopped in on a whim. He was hungry, in a hurry and we were just another restaurant that happened to be open when he drove by that morning on March 1st, 2008. He had no idea of, nor interest in the excitement of being our very first customer.  Not wanting to miss the historic moment, I excitedly followed him out to his car with balloons, had him sign his $1 dollar bill and made him take a picture with me before I let him leave (because it was special!).

For for some folks, the idea of our Slinging a Soup Ladle in an old renovated 7-11 convenience store, was a pretty crazy one. True that. The thing that few knew back then, is that Dustin is the Master Soup Chef of his time. His soups are simply and consistently the very best. A reliable output of a quality product that people can count on, has built a solid reputation for trust.  A reputation that we now rely on as we once again prepare to renovate this old 7-11 and transition into the next phase of our business.
In these nine years of serving Evergreen residents and beyond, Da Kind Soups has:

  • Employed over 500 local workers with an average staff of 20 people.
  • Provided over 73,000 free meals to our superstar staff and their families
  • Saved our local teachers, public servers and seniors over $64,000 in discounts
  • Donated $52,783.16 to local schools and non-profit organizations.
  • Sourced locally for vendors and supported our mountain business neighbors
  • Donated over 7 tons of soup to EChO Food Bank
  • Donated over $100,000 in gift cards to charities, events, schools, clubs, community groups and many, many kind people.
  • Served millions of soup samples, nearly a million bowls of soup(equal to 2.5 million people) and hand-crafted hundreds of thousands of gallons in the form of chowder, stew, bisque, chili, gumbo, consommé and many more still to come.

Just as important as all those things above, we’re filled with as many happy memories and experiences that our customers have brought to us over the years. Like stockpots full of Kindness that ebb and flow back and forth through these old 7-11 doors, our customer relationships are the best part of what we do at Da Kind. We kindly thank you for being with us then, now and down the road for many more years to come.

Join Us for Kickstarter Launch Lunch!
Come for lunch, stay for the Kickstarting Fun!
If you haven’t already, please take a moment to watch our video!

Have a SOUPer day!


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