Today’s Soups! Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Happy TUESDAY Soup Lovers!

Another snow day is on the way!
It’s time to Bundle up and Soup Stock up!
When the weather is frightful and the soup is so delightful, you’ll be the smartest soup eater in town when you swing into Da Kind and get your Soup On!  Our Fresh Soup Bags are handy in the fridge or the freezer and take only minutes to heat up!
Grab some bowls from the Next-Day-Soups cooler and heat up a spicy deal!
Or perhaps you’ll grab a sammie and a salad while you still can!
However you do Da Kind, do it for your health and do it for yourself. Have a Souper Day!

To join our mission of World Soup Domination…
We’ve got a great Kickstarter Project! Please take a moment to watch our video!

DId the video not show up here? Click the link below,
Watch Da Kind Soup’s Kickstarter Video!

Have a SOUPer day!

~ Live A Kind Life ~


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