Today’s Soups! Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Happy TUESDAY Soup Lovers!

As we anticipated to a certain extent, the news of Da Kind Soups Concept Conversion has come as quite a surprise to many people. While we were originally concerned that customers would feel cross at the inconvenience of our removing the hot menu, we did not anticipate the volume of people who have expressed their sadness at the change. Please know dear Soup Lovers, mixed in with our excitement for the venture, we too have myriad of emotions stirring around in our soup bowls.  We understand and deeply appreciate the emotional connection our Soup Lovers have developed for our cosy little soup place. We have a lot of love for this place too.  We could never have anticipated the amazing feeling we’ve experienced in being embraced by this town. We sincerely enjoy our connection to our customers and community more than any other aspect of this business (aside from Dustin’s love of cooking soup, of course!).  We are here for you!
We’re not going anywhere, we’re simply evolving as all good things must do over time.  We couldn’t dream of doing anything else. This is still our dream to share with you.
All things Da Kind continue to be as there always have been.  Amazingly delicious and exciting foods to eat, cooked and served by people you know and trust with kindness. This part of Da Kind Soups will never change.
After these souperb nine years ladling up kindness by the bowl, it’s time for us to turn our focus entirely to our number one love, Soup. Join us as we transition Da Kind from a small sit-down soup shop into a high-volume, custom soup production kitchen concentrating solely on nationwide distribution of our Fresh Boil Bag Soups. 

  • Now through March 31: Open for business as usual! Serving our delicious hot soups, salads & sandwiches. Last Call for Salads & Sandwiches!
  • April: Renovation! Expanding into our dream kitchen.
  • May: Re-Launch! Our one-of-Da Kind Soups will be available in our Fresh Boil Bags in our Evergreen storefront, online for shipping, and for wholesale opportunities!

We have met the Kindest People during the past 9 years in business, and we are soupremely grateful for your support. Your kind words, your loyal business, and your enthusiasm for quality soup is what has brought us to where we are today. Come grow with us again and join our quest of World Soup Domination ~
ore Soup for More People ~ Everywhere!

Dustin and Ariane
~Live A Kind Life ~


6 thoughts on “Today’s Soups! Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

  1. Such mixed emotions! As you know, I’ve come to love coming into DaKind Soups and taking in the warm and cozy atmosphere with your amazing staff.. always feels like reuniting with family!
    As you also know, I adore your soups and I am excited about the new look and feel of a storefront will provide many more soups from the incredible MasterChef, Dustin!

    I love you guys!
    Pat Hague

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  2. I’m truly sad and shocked. This is one of our favorite places to eat in Evergreen. We have friends that come in from all over to eat here. This is a tremendous loss to the community.

    I understand the want and desire to grow and change but this change will not be positive for the customers that have loved your restaurant over the years.

    I cook, I don’t need bags of soup. I liked the warm, cozy, friendly place to eat and socialize.

    I loved that I could walk to your restaurant but now it will be just another factory.

    The community will miss you as Da Kind Soups will be no more.


    • Thank you very much for your feedback Nicole. And thank you also for enjoying our restaurant with your family and friends for so many years, it has been our pleasure to serve you. We have loved being a valued part of this community and contributing to the good food and good feelings generated all around us. A lot of which has happened within the walls of, as you said, “our warm, cozy, friendly place to eat.”.

      Going into this transition with our business is a scary one for multiple reasons; customer perception and the proper communication of our message is at the top of my list. We know that this transition will be trying for our loyal customers, and that we may actually lose some of the relationships we’ve worked hard to build in the process. That’s a very sad reality I’m working hard to avoid.

      I can appreciate that the Fresh Boil Bag Soups are not a fit for everyone; after nine years, the current Da Kind Soups model needs a facelift in order to continue as good fit for us. If we sold it, it wouldn’t be us. If we grew it into a huge chain, it wouldn’t be us. Da Kind Soups will still be, because it is still us. It’s just a different way of doing us.

      While I know that your candid words come from a place of love for Da Kind and disappointment at the change, reflecting on the past nine years of our service model it’s almost impossible that our transformation will have any resemblance to “another factory”. Unless by factory you meant one that has a happy chef able to focus his creativity on making innovative soups with a dedicated crew that is happily ladling soup into bags every day and sending comfort and kindness in the form of soup to others, then yes, this will be the Kindest Soup Factory on the planet.

      How do you do Da Kind Soups in the future? Come into our cool new digs, bring your friends and family, peruse the new expanded selections and let everyone choose exactly what they want to eat. Go home, boil a giant pot of water and throw everyone’s dinner in together while you set the table and make a salad. Do it quickly because your Boil Bag Soups are ready in five minutes. Everyone pours their favorite dinner into their bowl; the bread we sent you home with gets passed around the table with the salad. And in no time at all you’re all enjoying what you loved most in our dining room; being together and eating good food. Bonus? Like the restaurant, there is virtually no cleaning up, so you can go back to visiting and spending that quality time together.

      We’ll be here for you Nicole. We hope you’ll still be here with us and keep this good soup thing we have together going for many more years to come. Kindest regards, Ariane


  3. I think it is a great idea for you! I have always admired your business model. It has never varied in all of these years…people know what to expect if they are going to have lunch at DaKind…the line, even if long, moves swiftly. The staff is always friendly, no matter how pressed they may feel. They treat each person in line without giving the feeling of rushing them thru. The food is served promptly and is consistent in quality and taste! It couldn’t be more perfect! I aspire to it! But, I so understand you your wanting to focus on what you love best! It is exactly what I did when I ‘right sized’ 6 years ago, and I got the same reaction from my customers. I wish you the best of luck and success and fun in the next phase! ~Dore/ Stems

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    • Your compliments and admiration for our beloved Da Kind Soups and the true kudos to our incredible staff is SO appreciated! There are uncertainites at every turn of this process and it feels validating and motivating to hear those kind words, and especially when they are coming from you. Much like you have, we know that we will continue to provide well for our customers as we have for so many years, and will do so even better with the ability to fully concentrate fully on what we do best. Thank you for our many years together as business neighbors and all of the consistently gorgeous and entirely unique floral creations that you’ve adorned our counters with. Your arrangements always bring further joy and comfort to those who grace our doors each day, and we look forward to many more years together! Kindest regards, Ariane

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